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Expert localization services for video games – we translate indie and AAA games for all platforms including Console, PC, browser-based and mobile games for iOS & Android

Game Localization

Want to take your games in Turkey marketing? Translation and localization is our game — any genre, any platform, any device.

Quality Assurance

Localization testing ensures that a player feels that the game was created in his or her native language, and not translated from a foreign one.


Our testing services ensure your game is engaging and entertaining for everyone. Desktop or console, handheld or mobile, we’ll see that it plays nicely.

About Us

Checkpoint Localization is a professional localization company consisting of translators with years of gaming and game localization experience. Our localization company, the foundations of which were laid two years ago with the participation of volunteer game translators, has completed its mission by making a revolution in the field of voluntary game localization and has switched its way to official projects. With more than 40 experienced translators under our brand, we aim to serve our clients high quality localizations and quality assurance service for their games and help them reach a greater audience in Turkey's developing gaming market.











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Gaming in Turkey

​As seen in our ironic video, the 90s are now far behind. We know the demands of the industry and of the players. So, we are aware that the turkish game industry has a lot of potential and cannot be ignored. We are here to serve you with our professional staff, with the increasing number of players every day and the service we provide simultaneously with the promotion of the games we translate. 

Marketing Value

31M Players

11M Paying players
M Total domestic gaming revenue
% Of gamers play on every platform
B Total gaming exports revenue
TH Highest revenue in the world
M People acknowledge E-Sports
M E-Sports community members
% Spend money on games

(Based on 2020 Reports by gaming and esports agency Gaming in Turkey)

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